Monday, February 14, 2011

Ok. We're writing our first blog.

From an IM conversation 9:32 p.m. 2/14/2011

A: Wanna make a blog?
N: yeah. ok
A: ok
N: start
A: ok, we're serious musicians.  Say something serious.  Blog-worthy.
N: So tell me what's coming up for you. You know, operatically speaking.....
A: well (she said, audibly clearing her throat) I'm singing a super-awesome recital with Navah Perlman (THAT musical family) and then I'm going to Berkeley to sing the role of the Female Chorus in the Rape of Lucretia with Lorin Maazel conducting.
Serious enough?
N: you sing a whole chorus? how can you do that?
A: She is me.  I am she.
N: Lorin Maazel.  He's like a big deal, right?  Does he know he's got an extra A in his name?
A: He's super famous. I'm not telling him how to spell his name.  You know we've got a "c" missing in our name
N: this I am aware of.  And apparently my name is Natalie.
A: and Arianne
N: ha
A: nice!
N: So you get to be in Berkeley for 2-ish weeks?
A: ish
N: do you rehearse every day?
A: Yes . We rehearse every day.
OK, and what's going on with you - musically speaking, of course?  Been at any gas stations? Bought any roses?
N: Only gas station coffee these days.
A: Is that a song on your new album?
N: Yup. Title track off my new record- Gas Station Roses.
You're clever.
And it's coming out March 8th but the cd release shows have started. I missed you in California by just a few days. That's dumb
A: Tots dumb
N: Uh, I think there's an e in totes.
A: Yeah, when it's a bag
N: hahahaha
A: So, how does it work for you to have an album that's not out yet, but you're on a tour promoting it?
N: Well, it's a little sneaky to be honest
But that's the beauty of being an independent artist.
N: The record will be distributed nationally through a company called eOne Entertainment starting March 8th but because a big label doesn't own the record, I can sell it at my live shows and I don't have to give a label the money. We (me and Willy) are the label.
A: Porter, right?  And can I have some of the money?
N: Yes Willy Porter. And....I'll make you dinner.
A: Done.
N: Should we go get dessert?
A: Tot(e)s