Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog two: Colvin and Mozart, but not in that order.

AIM IM with ariazuk
9:52 AM
A:more blog!
N:more blog! So I can't keep it straight- when do you leave for Berkeley?
A:Well, I have to come to New York first to sing the Mozart Requiem with the New Choral Society in Scarsdale.Will you be home?
N:Zow! When's that?!
A:The Scarsdale Mozart is March 12th
N:No. Boo. Are you gonna be around on Monday? I'm opening for Shawn Colvin at the Ram's Head in Annapolis and I put you and Pete (Arianna's husband) on the list just in case.
A:WAIT! THIS Monday?
N: Yes!
A: WOW! Wait this Monday as in March 7th?
N:That's the very one
A:Monday, March 7th, you're opening for Shawn Colvin at Ram's Head in Annapolis?
(can't be said enough)
N:Yup! Kinda pooping my pants. Even though I've done it before. Doesn't really take away from the fact that SHE'S MY ALLTIME FAVORITE OF EVER.
A:Even I know who she is!
But you have nice pants. Don't poop them.
N: Ha! Actually, what should I wear?!
A: Call Amanda (our stepmom)
N: Good're not around?
A:NO, I AM around!
Well, I put you two on the list but I know it's not exactly "local" so if you can't make it, no worries. But if you CAN, they have amazing salmon and they'll feed you.
A:Catholic University (where I teach) is on spring break, so I don't even have to deal with being tired the next day. I'll tell Pete and I'm sure he'll want to come too. I love Ram's Head!
N:Me too!
A: What's after that?
N:Then I go to Pittsburgh the next day and meet up with Garrison to continue CD release shows!
A:NICE! Pittsburgh has good Italian food!
N:And a great bookstore near the venue that I love.
So...are you going to send out a facebook post about Berkeley or an email?
How do you stay in touch with your fans?
A:My minions?
N:Your flock?
A:My sheep?- Now this sounds like an aria from the Messiah.
A:Generally I send out an email, but lately Facebook has been so much easier
I'll probably do both.
N:Do you have Twitter?
A:I don't tweet. I don't understand how. Teach me how, please.
N:Well, I never used to twat but now I do ;)
N:Well, I imagine the classical audience still isn't much for social media, am I right?
A:You know, it's actually a big discussion in the classical world about how to remain relevant. There are the HD opera broadcasts from the Met at movie theatres, but...I have a ringtone that I downloaded from the LA Philharmonic's website.
N:Uh...yeah. That's the same thing!
N:Have you seen that LA Phil App where you can conduct? Dad loves it!
A:I heard about that app, but I haven't seen it. I'll have to get dad to play with it on Skype for me!
N:The faster you shake the thing, the faster the orchestra plays. It's awesome.
A:nice! That's cool.
N:And you pretend to be Dudamel. It's pretty hilarious
A:I pretend to be Dudamel anyway. I covet his hair
N:ps. I got a haircut and I look more like Dudamel than ever!
It's short again. don't get mad.
A:Too late
A:I wish classical music felt more relevant in the world...
N:I think change has to come. And I think it is. For example, I read actual newspapers, my entire family is in music and I found out about James Levine finally announcing his farewell from Boston from a blog.
A:Yeah. I saw that blog too.
N:Well, there ya go. That's progress...
And also I think you should send out facebook posts about your upcoming performances.
A:I will. Now?
N:Well, one blog at a time.
A:You're all connected all the time
N:Well, it's been really great to connect with fans. It's harder and harder to get information out there
A:even though it's supposed to be easier and easier
N:Totally. We're talking about going back to actual physical postcards sent to people on my mailing list that I have addresses for.
A:The USPS thanks you
N:HA! Like twice a year with my tourdates
A:That's a great idea
N:and if people get that card, they bring it to a show and get in for 1/2 price or free or...I dunno yet but sumpthin good.
A:super smart
N:I can't tell you how many times I play a show in a town- let's say Charlotte. I send out a newsletter, a reminder, three facebook posts, a clever twitter and play the show.
The NEXT DAY there will be at least two messages on my facebook or an email saying, "When are you coming to Charlotte?"
I want to write back "I'm coming...YESTERDAY!"
A: Oh. You should. It's a great way to seem friendly. ;)
N:HAHA! Well, until there's billboards on the highway announcing our Casino shows, I don't know how pepole are gonna know. shows?!
N:oooh. The Zukermans play Foxwoods
A:I like it
N:Maybe not a bad idea?
A:Actually, maybe not Although, I'd prefer the Belaggio, but whatever.
(Is that a casino, or just a hotel?)
Uh...speaking of all this - why isn't the Shawn Colvin date on your website?
N:OMG. It isn't?! yikes
A:It isn't.
OK, so go fix it, and I'm going to make breakfast
N:Ok. What are you having?
Cuz we didn't even talk about all the places you need to go in Berkeley to eat
(besides of course to see my mural)
A:That's next blog
And yes, I'll be sleeping next to your mural
N:I hear it's comfy!
A:Ok. So next blog: Food on Tour. What's more important?
N:Actually, nothing.
A: OK, I just put the Scarsdale Mozart on Facebook. Come one, come all.
A:YAY! I love you too!
N:you rule
A:no you

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